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KRISP Training

X-meeting - 13th International Conference of the AB3C, Sao Pedro, Brazil, Oct 4-6, 2017

KRISP Training - 2017-10-04

Bioinformatics is now a strategic area for Brazil and all Latin America and, therefore, it is also strategic to the development of Science, Technology and Economy. The X-Meeting is a Brazilian event with international reach which has an average of 400 participants.

The scientific program of the X-Meeting 2017 will feature a variety of sessions, including keynote lectures, panel sessions, theoretical and hand-on courses, short talks and poster sessions. As in previous meetings we will have a great team of speakers!

The X-meeting 2017 - 13th International Conference of the AB3C will be hosted at a farm hotel in the beautiful Mantiqueira Mountains in Brazil

Organising Committee

AB3C President: Alan Mitchell Durham (USP)

AB3C Vice President: Ney Lemke (Unesp)

AB3C Secretaries: Marcelo Brandao (Unicamp) and Fabricio Martins Lopes (UTFPR)

AB3C Financial Department: Priscila Grynberg (Embrapa) and Nicole de Miranda Scherer (INCA)

Many international speakers will be presenting in this workshop. Prof. Tulio de Oliveira will be giving an oral presentation and leading a panel session discussion on the use of genomics and bioinformatics in infectious diseases.

More information on the X-meeting conference, please visit the website below


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