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LSHTM tbcentre

SATuRN activities at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine TB Centre

LSHTM tbcentre - 2012-10-01

SATuRN activities were highlighted at the LSHTM TB Centre Annual Retreat, which was held in Downing College, Cambridge.

The objectives of the inaugural annual retreat for TB Centre members were:

(a) to provide a space for meeting and interaction, and for sharing of scientific ideas and perspectives, with a view to exploring future collaboration opportunities, and

(b) to provide an opportunity for participants to contribute to shaping the long?term strategy of the TB centre, with a focus on working out what the TB Centre should be, should do and should look like going forward.

The retreat programme was developed during the preceding months with the help of an informal working group of Jackie Cliff, Alison Grant and Richard White. Presentation slides (PDF format):


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