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Bioinformatics in the tropics I: 1st International Bioinformatics & Molecular Viral Evolution Workshop, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, 22-26 July 2013

FioCruz - 2013-06-01

This is the first workshop of the bioinformatics in the tropics series, which will be presented at the Oswaldo Moniz Research Center (CPqGM), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, 22 to 26 July 2013.

Workshop topics and who should apply

The workshop involves theoretical lectures and practical sessions on the usage and interpretation of bioinformatics applications for the study of viruses drug resistance, molecular epidemiology and immunology. This workshop is targeted at scientists and post-graduate students working in research projects in Africa and Latin America.

The bioinformatics in the tropics series is part of a south to south capacity building programme to develop the next generation of bioinformaticians in Africa and Latin America.

To apply, please visit the FioCruz workshop website.

Organizing Institutions:

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), in Salvador-Bahia, Brazil, with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPQ) and the The Wellcome Trust Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies

Workshop Organizers:

Luiz Carlos Alcantara, Paula Ristow, Anne-Mieke Vandamme and Tulio de Oliveira

Dates: 22 to 26 of July, Oswaldo Moniz Research Center (CPqGM), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. (Deadline for application: 15 June)


Aline Cristina Mota Miranda, Ph.D. UFBA/Bahia

Anne-Mieke Vandamme, Ph.D. Catholic University of Leuven/Rega Institute for Medical Research, Leuven, Belgica

Artur Trancoso Lopo de Queiroz, Ph.D. CPqGM/FIOCRUZ, Salvador, Bahia

Bernardo Galvao-Castro, Ph.D. CPqGM/FIOCRUZ, Salvador-Ba

Brian Foley Ph.D. Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, EUA

Charbel Nino El-Hani, Ph.D. Instituto de Biologia/UFBA

Eduardo Paulino Castam, Ph.D. Universidade Estadual Paulista, Botucatu, Sao Paulo

Filipe Ferreira de Almeida Rego, CPqGM/FIOCRUZ, Salvador, Bahia

Fernanda Khouri, LHGB/CPqGM/FIOCRUZ, Salvador, Bahia.

Genoveffa Franchini. Ph.D. National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health, Bethesda-MD, EUA

Gonzalo Bello, Ph.D. IOC/FIOCRUZ-Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Hugo Naya, Ph.D, Instituto Pasteur, Montevideo, Uruguai

Joana Paixao Monteiro, Ph.D. UFBA/Bahia

Katherine Stott, Ph.D. University of Cambridge, Cambridge, Inglaterra.

Luciane dos Santos Amorim, Yale University, New Haven EUA

Lucia Spangenberg, Ph.D, Instituto Pasteur, Montevideo, Uruguai

Luiz Carlos Junior Alcantara. Ph.D. CPqGM/FIOCRUZ, Salvador-Ba

Manoel Barral Netto, Ph.D. Diretor de Cooperacao Institucional do Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnologico (CNPq)

Joao Lidio Vianez, Ph.D. Centro de Inovacoes Tecnologicas e Nucleo de Bioinformatica do Instituto Evandro Chagas, Para, Brasil

Luciano Kalabric, Ph.D. Centro de Pesquisas Goncalo Moniz / FIOCRUZ

Marcio Oliveira Silva, LHGB/CPqGM/FIOCRUZ, Salvador, Bahia

Marco Salemi Ph.D. Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine, College of Medicine & Emerging Pathogens Institute, University of Florida Gainesville, Florida, EUA

Marilda de Souza Goncalves, Ph.D. LHGB/CPqGM/FIOCRUZ e UFBA

Mitermayer Galvao dos Reis, Ph.D. Centro de Pesquisas Goncalo Moniz/FIOCRUZ; Pesquisador Chefe do LPBM/CPqGM/FIOCRUZ

Mohamed Cherif Rahimy, Ph.D. Faculty of Health Sciences Cotonou, Rep of Benin

Nuno Faria, Ph.D. Catholic University of Leuven/Rega Institute for Medical Research, Leuven, Belgica

Paula Carvalhal Lage von Buettner Ristow, Ph.D. Instituto de Biologia, UFBA, Bahia, Brasil

Renata Guerra de Sa, Ph.D. Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais.

Ricardo Camacho, Ph.D. Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

Ricardo Khouri, Ph.D. Catholic University of Leuven/Rega Institute for Medical Research, Leuven, Belgica

Robert Gifford, Ph.D. Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, Nova York, EUA

Roberto Paulo Machado Lopes, Ph.D. Diretor Geral da Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado da Bahia (FAPESB)

Simone Kashima, Ph.D. Fundacao Hemocentro de Ribeirao Preto, USP

Sueli Almuna Holmer Silva, Ph.D. Diretora do Instituto de Biologia da UFBA

Suetoslav Nanev Slavov, Ph.D. Fundacao Hemocentro de Ribeirao Preto, USP

Thessika Hialla Almeida Araujo, LHGB/CPqGM/FIOCRUZ

Tulio de Oliveira, Ph.D., Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies, Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine Oliveira. Ph.D. Africa, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, Africa do Sul.

Registration for workshops in 2013 is free of charge: Workshop includes lectures, lunch and coffee-break. However, applicants need to fund their travel and accommodation costs.


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